Carpet Floors

Underfloor heating can be installed beneath a variety of flooring, including vinyl, tiles and carpets.

When considering installing an underfloor heating system that is compatible with carpets, you should first check with your carpet manufacturer to ensure that yours is suitable to be overlaid on a heat source. Some companies use foam backing, which may be damaged by heat.

There are three main varieties of heating solution that can be used in conjunction with a carpeted finish:

  • Undercarpet foil heating mats
  • 2mm 150w heating mats
  • In-screed heating cable

Before selecting your heating system, you should ensure the subfloor you are planning to install your heating on is suitable and well prepared. You can install underfloor heating over solid concrete or screed, and joisted wooden floors that have been overlaid with either 18mm WBP plywood or 18mm waterproof chipboard/floorboards.

All our systems should be installed using suitable insulation, to increase efficiency and reduce heat loss. Additionally, all our electric heating products (including thermostats) are covered by a lifetime warranty and benefit from free next-day delivery (terms apply).

When ordering any of our heating products, it is recommended that care is taken when measuring the area required, and that you always under-order slightly as the cables may not be cut at any point. See our ‘how to measure up’ guide for more help on calculating your requirements.

Undercarpet foil heating mats

Suitable for use in any room from living spaces, high-traffic areas and conservatories to wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, our foil heating mats come pre-assembled with ultra-thin heating cables insulated with foil. Fully earthed, our mats are designed to be installed under carpet, but care should be taken to ensure glue and nails do not damage the cables.

Fully compliant with electrical and building regulations, this underfloor heating solution is ideal as a primary heating source and is quick and easy to install. Made from the most advanced, ultra-thin technology and using only the highest quality components, the mats have an output of 140w per square metre and can be supplied to cover areas of up to 12m2.

It's best to slightly under order as the cable CAN NOT be cut at any point.


2mm Heating Mats 150w

Designed for use beneath tiled floors, these heating mats can be used with carpet flooring as long as the mats are covered by a flexible levelling compound first. These mats are normally used directly underneath tiled floors, but they can also be used under carpeted floors, providing a 8-10mm layer of suitable flexible levelling compound is installed over the heating mat first.

More suitable for larger areas, this heating solution must comply with a 2.5 tog value or less. Exceeding this value (carpet and underlay) can result in damage to our heating elements and reduced efficiency.

It's best to slightly under order as the cable CAN NOT be cut at any point.


In-screed heating

Normally used for extensions and conservatory projects, our in-screed cables are designed to be fixed to re-bar, which has been installed with insulation such as Celotex or Kingspan/Celotex. The heavy duty cables are covered using up to 50-65mm of screed and must not be overlaid directly with any type of flooring. They produce a powerful output of 17w per linear metre, as they are required to heat the thick screed base.

Once the screed has set, your carpet and underlay can be directly laid over the top of the screed base.

It's best to slightly under order as the cable CAN NOT be cut at any point.