Wooden Floors

When it comes to installing underfloor heating that is compatible with wood flooring, there are three types of solution that can be used:

  • Underwood foil heating mats
  • 2mm 150w heating mats
  • In-screed cable

Whichever system you choose, your subfloor must first be prepared. A suitable base to install our heating kits over would be a solid concrete or screed floor, or a joisted wooden floor that is either covered with 18mm WBP plywood, 18mm floor-grade chipboard, or 18mm floorboards that are well secured.

To ensure the durability and effectiveness of your installation, it is recommended that you also ensure the floor is well insulated prior to laying your electric underfloor heating.

We would also recommend that you check with the maker of your chosen wood flooring finish, to ensure the compatibility of their product with underfloor heating to avoid any warping or discolouration. You should also check how your product needs to be affixed to the floor, as using nails or glue can damage the underfloor heating (unless you are using the in-screed cable solution covered by 50mm of screed).

Finally, we would always recommend that you under-order the required area of your room, as cables cannot be cut during installation.

Underwood foil heating mats

Our most popular underfloor heating solution for use with wooden floor, the pre-assembled ultra-thin cable is installed in an easy-to-lay aluminium mat. Suitable for any room from kitchens and bathrooms, and living spaces to conservatories, the mats can be laid directly beneath most floating engineered and solid wood floors or laminate.

The aluminium heating mats we stock are made to be fitted under laminate, engineered and most floating solid wood floors. However, it is always best to check with the manufacturer of your floor first. Please note that they are NOT compatible with glued- or nailed-down floors.

Complying fully with electrical and building regulations, our foil heating mats measure 500mm in width and are available in sizes of 1m² to 12m², and are fully earthed, making them suitable for wet areas.

It's best to slightly under order as the cable CAN NOT be cut at any point.


150w 2mm heating mats

Though these heating mats can be fitted beneath wood floors, the installation process is a little more complicated than with a foil heating mat solution.

The heating mats need to be covered by the right levelling compound prior to installing wooden flooring, and it is recommended that you contact us for advice if you are considering this heating solution.

Please note that wooden floors CANNOT be installed directly onto this type of underfloor heating solution.

It's best to slightly under order as the cable CAN NOT be cut at any point.


In-screed heating

Designed to be fixed with insulation such as Kingspan or Celotex, in-screed cables are most often used in a conservatory project or in an extension. They are installed using a loose cable, varying the spacing between the cabling to adjust the heat output. The cables should then be covered with up to a maximum of 65mm screed before your wood finish is applied.

As the cables are required to heat an expansive screed base, they are more heavy duty than our mat systems and take some additional work in installation.

If you are considering in-screed heating with your project then you may wish to contact us for more advice.

It's best to slightly under order as the cable CAN NOT be cut at any point.