Heatmiser neoKit 1 Gen 2 - Sapphire Black

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Product Details

Product Details

Your heating can be controlled wherever you are with the Heatmiser neoKit 1, which comes complete with a neoHub and neoStat. Adjusting your heating using your smartphone is a lot easier than you may think. Upgrading to this system is relatively straightforward, and may just mean fitting a neoStat in place of your current thermostat. The neoHub is then connected up to your router, allowing you to use your iOS or Android mobile device to control your heating system.

Communication data is routed around your home via the other neoStats in the property. The data is transmitted by the neoHub to the Heatmiser Cloud server, so that an IP address isn't needed and no technical knowledge required.

Control from Anywhere

Upgrading your system is as easy as swapping your existing thermostat to the new neoStat and plugging the neoHub into your router. Control of your heating system is then possible from your iOS or Android mobile device.

Neo is mesh based, automatically routing the communication data around your home via other neoStats. The neoHub communicates with the Heatmiser Cloud server which means no technical computer knowledge or fixed IP address are required.



Heatmiser neoKit Installation Manual

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Features of the system

  • Flexible programming

    You can programme your neoStat to work in 24-hour, seven-day or five- and two-day modes. For those people who have a different schedule during the week from the weekend, the 5/2 programme is perfect. If you have a different schedule each day, a seven-day programme may suit you better. Alternatively, if all days are similar you may prefer the 24-hour option.

  • Temperature

    There are four levels of comfort to be used during a 24-hour period. This is ideal for those who like their home to be a little cooler during the night, or warm when they first get up come sunrise.

  • Away from home

    With neo solutions, the Away feature allows you to switch off your heating wherever you are. If you forget to turn the heating off, just use your smartphone to do it. If it is cold while you are away, the system will protect your home from frost damage.

  • Profiles

    You can create a profile of comfort levels so that they can be activated using your phone at any time. If you change your schedule at the last minute, don't worry about the house being cold, as you can use your phone to activate a profile.

  • Stay updated

    Your neoStats will always be up to date, as the neoHub will automatically use the correct time from the internet, updating the neoStats.

Requirements for the system

To operate the neoStat you require three wires, not including the earth, at the site of the thermostat. A broadband router that is compatible with DHCP is required for the neoHub. To operate, you will need to have either a mobile device that is compatible with Android, or a device compatible with iOS.



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