Why Use Us?

As a multi award-winning supplier of underfloor heating solutions, Underfloor Heating Direct offers only the highest quality products backed by exceptional guarantees and expert customer services.

Quality Electric Systems

  • We do not use any PVC coatings in any of our electric systems, making our heating cables more durable and longer lasting.
  • Our cables are manufactured using multi-strand twin conductors and sheathed with an armoured earth braid.
  • Constructed from the most advanced ETFE insulation system and using FEP (also known as Teflon), our products are efficient and, at 2mm thick, are one of the thinnest systems of underfloor heating available on the market.

Quality Water Systems

  • When it comes to choosing water underfloor heating solutions, our products are manufactured using the latest technology and come with a 50-year pipe warranty.
  • We only use the highest quality components to construct a multi-layered pipe that is 100% air and water tight, to ensure durability whilst maintaining the most efficient performance.
  • Using a triple layer of PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc, our pipes can easily be bent to accommodate an easy installation and do not kink or curl back.
  • The design of this system has been calculated to deliver maximum performance and, due to the incorporation of the middle layer of aluminium, it can distribute warmth more efficiently and works well in a low temperature.

Full Lifetime Warranty

  • When you buy from Underfloor Heating Direct, you can be confident in the durability and longevity offered from all our products, but we also offer the peace of mind that comes with performance warranties.
  • All our electric underfloor heating solutions come with a lifetime guarantee that covers the heating mats, cables and thermostats.
  • Further, if you purchase water underfloor heating systems from us, we will guarantee the pipes for years to come, so you can be assured in your choice of purchase.

Qualified Team

  • As experts in the field of underfloor heating, we provide the expert advice to help you plan, design and install your choice of underfloor heating system.
  • Not only do we have a team of over 10 fully trained and qualified plumbers and electricians available to answer your technical queries, but we also have an in-house design team able to help you plan your heating solution.
  • As industry leaders in underfloor heating, we have the knowledge and expertise to advise our customers on everything from the preparation of sub floors and installation to compatibility of our products with your desired floor finish.
  • Most of our staff are experienced fitters of underfloor heating systems, giving our customers the benefit of their knowhow.