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Revolutionize your tiling projects with our innovative decoupling mats. These ingenious systems are designed to safeguard your tile floors against cracks and lifting caused by underlying surface movements. Natural shifts, expansions, and contractions can jeopardize the integrity of your tile installation, but our meticulously crafted decoupling membranes are your defense against such issues.

Our decoupling mats feature a robust and thoughtfully engineered design that lies beneath your tiles, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting installation. Say goodbye to the worry of unsightly cracks and disruptions in your beautiful tiled surfaces. Upgrade your tiling projects with our cutting-edge decoupling mats today for a durable and flawless finish.

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    From £74.99
    From £74.99
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    Introducing BAL Rapid-Mat, an innovative fast-track uncoupling system designed for tile installations on floors with limited movement. This lightwe...

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    From £74.99
    From £74.99
    Now £74.99
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