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Warranty Information

Discover the warranties available to you

Here at Underfloor Heating Direct, we're all about giving you great products and excellent customer service. That's why we provide warranties for all our underfloor heating products. These warranties are designed to make sure your underfloor heating system keeps working reliably for many years, so you don't have to worry.

  • Our non-transferable warranties belong to you as an individual buyer and do not transfer upon selling the product, nor do they transfer when you come to sell your home or venue with the product installed.
  • Proof of warranty will be requested from the customer upon all warranty claims.
  • Warranties do not cover any floor coverings or cost of labour involved.

All of our underfloor heating products come with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Both our warranties and the manufacturer warranties varies depending on the product, but typically range from 2 to 10 years. Please see our breakdown below:

UFHD Guarantee

Underfloor heating guaranteed direct

UFHD Electric Underfloor Heating

UFHD are happy to offer a 10 year warranty on all electric underfloor heating mats, cables or thermostats, due to manufacturing defects.

  • Warranty is only valid when installed by an Approved Electrician in accordance with the latest IEE Wiring Regulations, with an installation confirming to Part P of the Building Regulations 2005.
  • Installation must be in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.
  • Warranty is in addition to and supplements your statutory rights, those rights are not affected in any way. If you do not register for the extended warranty within 28 days, the 1 year standard warranty will apply.

UFHD Water Underfloor Heating

  • Water underfloor heating pipes - 10 years
  • Pumps - 2 years
  • Manifold - 5 years

UFHD Boards

  • Tile Backer Boards - 12 months
  • XPS Insulation Boards -12 months
  • EPS Insulation Boards -12 months

All Other Products

A guarantee for every product we stock!



    Manufacturer/Supplier Warranty duration

    • 2 years


    • Incorrect use
    • On site damage

    Warranty/Duration Offered by Company

    • Manufacturers warranty only

    Thermostats, Wiring Centres and Hubs

    Manufacturer/Supplier Warranty duration

    • 2 years


    • Refunds - replacement, repair or credit only

    Warranty/Duration Offered by Company

    • Manufacturers warranty only

    All products (Ultra-brand Tile Adhesives/Levelling Compounds/Grouts)

    Manufacturer/Supplier Warranty duration

    • The lesser of 10 years or the life of the project. Additional proviso for underlayment materials - until the surface covering is changed or fails.


    • Instarmac has prepared a written specification and has inspected the proposed application area.
    • Materials have been applied strictly in accordance with the written specification and additional technical datasheets.
    • The application area has not been adversely affected by structural movement, environmental damage, significant change of use, exposure to adverse external elements, corrosive cleaning materials, substrate failure, DPM failure, ground disturbance due to other groundworks or natural wear and tear.
    • Aesthetic appearance of the product has not been affected due to corrosive cleaning, surface contamination or lack of maintenance.
    • Instarmac's personnel are allowed access to the site during preparation and application of the materials and following any claim to allow full access to investigate the issue.
    • Instarmac's materials must be used as a system to include primers and bonding aids when recommended. In the case of a claim, Instarmac reserves the right to use discretion during the assessment.

    Warranty/Duration Offered by Company

    • Manufacturers warranty only

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